Monday, March 28, 2011

Halloween Food Ideas

Fun Halloween Fun!
These sugar cookie witch fingers are always fun!
I use a fork for the knuckles and almond slices painted with red food coloring for the nails.  They are stuck in a bucket of brown sugar for the dirt.  I found this idea originally in a Martha Stewart Living magazine years ago.

These "scabs" are craisins.  I've also used chocolate covered raisins for rat droppings!

Meringue bones that also came from a Martha Stewart Halloween magazine.  Easy to make and really yummy!

This year's Haloween theme was "Mad Science" so brain cupcakes and mad scientist eyes were the treats!

Witch hat cookies are fun to make for classroom parties or home.  Take a fudge stripe cookie and a Hershey's Kiss and you've got it!  I "glued" the kiss with frosting and then put a bow on.  You can also put a Rolo and make it a Pilgrims hat for Thanksgiving!

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